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Frantic Gardener on Apr 6th 2013

it has been a terribly long winter! still snowing last week intermittantly, and may still snow again. However, the sun has been out on the weekend when I haven’t been at work. This means that I have finally sown some seeds. Due to the enormous cost that heating the greenhouse thus far would have been, and the lack of light in the house, I have abandoned peppers and aubergines for this year, tho we had a good harvest last year.

Today, I have sown:
tomatoes - gardeners delight and golden sunrise
florence fennel
sunflowers: sunspot and russian giant

an eclectic mix i will own! the propagator in the greenhouse isn;t yet connected to heat and hoping that will happen tomorrow. Planning to also sow then some peas, carrots mangetout and pak choi. all in modules as don’t trust the weather!

My daughters also been sowing.

DD1 an array of flowers and herbs

DD2 mostly salad leaves, edible flowers and things her tortoise Alfie will want to eat.

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